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All too often training is seen as be all and end all, the quick fix used as a way to ‘band-aid’ problems, or to ‘manipulate’ people into desired behavior.

Rarely will training stand alone to create long-term, behavior change—people’s attitudes and behavioral patterns didn’t get there over night and rarely will they transform overnight.

Too often training programs are an isolated event, without any follow through. Effective training and long term behavior change is our speciality!

No matter what the theme of the training curriculum or content being delivered, our format is consistent—build awareness, create connection, increase trust, tap into what is already working, align with personal and organizational values, develop practical tools and skills, and pro-actively reinforce the integration of the new with the old.

Over the years we have seen that people who are continually successful, view success as a belief system, not an outcome.

This is why we begin all of our work with organizations and individuals by addressing the root cause of the symptoms leading to their challenges, stress and/or low productivity.

By addressing the conditioning behind these core issues, we resolve the patterns that are producing the symptoms. This creates an opening to use the evidence of the past as a teacher rather than a dictator of the future.

Putting the past in perspective allows you to explore possible, untainted solutions that best serve your current situation. What emerges is not only an expanded belief system but upgraded behaviors that create ongoing success.

“In multi-cultural International groups and multi-disciplined executive teams, your ability to bring clarity from complexity has improved our decision-making processes and built stronger relationships amongst us. The trainings have had a tremendously positive impact on our management capability, a critical success factor in our fast-pace, challenging industry.”

Barbara Kazmier

VP Human Resources, NexStar Pharmaceuticals


by Greg Cortopassi | Weekly WHAT IF

Leadership and Executive Development

Even though the Development  Process is no different for Leaders and Executives than anyone else, it is strongly influenced by the situations, challenges, and stressful patterns that are unique to them. Some of these situations are:

  • High pressure and high stress with a lot at stake, that is both exhilarating and exhausting.
  • Accustomed to being in authority, having control, and giving direction.
  • Focused on externals, and the rewards that follow, and the juice of immediate satisfaction, with a lack of patience for the inner journey into core beliefs and limitations.
  • Accustomed to success and victory, viewing self actualization and personal improvement to be undertaken only as a last resort.
  • Possessing a deeply ingrained belief system and opinions based on past evidence of what has made them successful.
  • Identified with success and victory, and rely on them to build their image and self esteem based on power structures, action plans and other proven strategies for achieving results. Anything less is considered a failure. Hard for them to trust, let go of control and believe in what cannot be proven.

Our coaches understand the challenges of leadership and know how to apply our Executive/Leadership Development processes for productive results, where changes stick.

“CATALYST Training Services is uniquely qualified to provide programs that transform individuals and groups to be more conscious of their own strengths, and weaknesses, and to provide tools to help them really break through to higher levels of performance. Based on his ever-evolving programs, we have contracted Greg for the last 12 years to begin and end our 9-month community Leadership Program. We have many presenters working for our organization, but Greg’s work stands out, year after year, for its energy, sincerity, effectiveness, and results.”

Virginia Newton

Executive Director, Leadership Aspen

Schools and Nonprofits

signpost graphicSecond to our work in corporations, has been our experience giving over 1300 programs in schools and nonprofits across the nation. Even though the Development Process is no different for educators and directors than anyone else, it is strongly influenced by common situations, challenges and stressful patterns unique to them. Some of these situations are:
  • Constantly juggling limited resources for maximum demand and dealing with greater needs than there is funding to support them.
  • Often not feeling empowered by the boards and sources that fund them
  • Feeling plagued by, yet also thriving on high pressure – high stress situations with many people’s future at stake.
  • Dealing with the paradox and tension between wanting to make a difference and wondering in the long run if they do.
  • Experiencing the dynamic between doing meaningful work and not being compensated at the same level as what they give–i.e. common issues of entitlement, fairness, and validation.

Our understanding of these situations has given our Service Organizations, Schools, and Nonprofits programs a positive track record, where changes stick!

“Your sessions have been a hit! There is no better testament to me than to hear participants talking about you months and years beyond their session.  After 19 years of your involvement, I can’t imagine anyone better to bond the group in the launch of our 10 month Community Leadership program and bring closure at the end. Your program for the last 5 years on Conscious Leadership is on the cutting edge and so appropriate during these critical times of change! You are making a difference – not only for the group, but also for me! ”

Terri Anuszewski

Executive Director, Roaring Fork Leadership

”Thank you for your excellence and skilled way that you lead a group, feel the pulse, re-connect to what people have said, deal with tough issues in a loving way, make this work so personal and completely available to our survival as a species… and last night, gave me a tool that can calm me in minutes to the gratitude and beauty all around me.”

Deborah Taylor

Baccalaureate School Teacher

Accelerated Training Methodology

The foundation of ACCELERATED TRAINING is an interactive learning format custom-designed to meet your objectives. We combine academic models with experiential activities for maximum results. The advantages of this type of interactive training format are that it is designed to complement each organizations unique culture and address their unique challenges. It also provides hands-on experiences of the program’s content and is designed to simulate situations found within the work environment.

From these experiences, participants gain their own insights about the information being presented and discover how it increases their level of productivity. Next, we discuss and evaluate the results, allowing us to focus on the day-to-day application of their learning’s. At the end of this session, participants will be asked to commit to an action plan and set up a support system to improve their targeted effectiveness. Support materials are provided to be used as resources and tools for the implementation process after the training is completed.

“We engaged Greg Cortopassi and his associates to prepare our leadership team for managing anticipated organizational change. The local division was going through a reengineering project and discussions were underway to consolidate some functions into the corporate headquarters. Their training approach and style was unlike your usual training. They had us moving around, sharing experiences, and getting out of our corporate box in a big way. It was fun and it was hard. It showed us in dramatic ways how competitive we were within the leadership team and brought us to a place of trust where some truly open discussion could occur.While their programs were inspiring, the real value of the training was the results. Production actually increased. Error rates went down. Creativity took off. A new team closeness and spirit emerged. 96% of employees stayed on the job to the end of the finance function transition. Employees came to look forward to the new opportunities and what was coming next in their life.”

Steve McMann

CFO, Sprint/United Northwest

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People who want results partner with people who get results!

"Your organization provided a great service for the executive team, various departments, managers and facilitators at Apple Computer. Our goal was to engage our managers in a process that would position them to be able to think and act differently in terms of the impact of ‘teamness’ on goal attainment. A mission actualized!"

Bobby King

HR Director, Apple Computer

"Your concern for meeting our conference intent and the attendee’s needs was beyond any consultants I have ever experienced in my 15 years of training management.Thank you for your excellence and skilled way"

Craig Bakken

Director of Procurement, Honeywell

"Your professional business approach built immediate credibility and trust with our leadership team, making it much easier to step up to the important 'soft side of leadership development'."

Marie Gambon

VP Human Resources, Celestial Seasonings

"We were impressed with your extensive knowledge of the subject matter, your competence in designing different experiential training modules and your ability to successfully facilitate what you had designed. So many trainers have expertise in only one of those areas; you have mastered all three."

Risa Johnston

HR Director, Bank One

"As you can see in the comments from our program evaluations, you exceeded everyone's expectations.  You provided us with concepts and ideas to really assist in the on-going operations of all our Resort locations.  Thank you again so very much - your programs are a true winner!  All of us at Shell Hospitality think YOU'RE THE BEST!"

Susan Kelly

VP Marketing, Shell Hospitalities

"Our long-term relationship with your organization has been invaluable. We have continued to receive value from your various trainings, as people still refer to the activities and leverage what they learned FIVE years ago! The impact is powerful and long lasting."

Nina Peterson

HR Director, Ohmeda Medical Systems