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At CATALYST Training Services, we believe that sustainable facilitation is an Art, not just a skill. It is a unique ability to ignite the potency of a group’s assets, expertise and talents towards their desired future. Beyond our personalized approach, the key to our success is to focus on the underpinnings of desired behaviors, rather than the symptoms. Our in-depth understanding of group dynamics and our ability to tap into people’s motivations and perspectives when dealing with undesired behaviors, we assist them to identify and rewire the root causes of the personal or organizational limitations. When moving a group toward a desired future we begin by addressing and upgrading the perspectives, beliefs and values, which produced the current reality.

All too often facilitation focuses on a quick fix, and although there are times when the band-aid approach to facilitation is appropriate, rarely does it stick. If you want long-term impact, you must immerse yourself in an applicable and comprehensive process.

Our areas of expertise:

  1. Challenging and identifying NEW thinking for Strategic Planning.
  2. Taking teams and organizations to the next level of Breakthrough Performance.
  3. Issue based mediation–Closing the gap between personal, team, or organizational vision and their current limitations.
  4. Resolving emotionally charged situations and interpersonal conflict, building upon the past to grow forward together.
  5. Assisting organizations to deal with various stages of group development.


by Greg Cortopassi | Weekly WHAT IF

“Our team had a long history of interpersonal conflict which made many members, including myself, dread our periodic meetings. We had tried numerous ‘facilitated retreats’, ‘conflict mediation sessions’, and other forms of intervention only to meet with very short-lived success. Your ongoing programs and facilitation have taught us how to relate to one another effectively by enabling all of us to understand and appreciate each member’s personal style. More importantly, you gave us the skills and tools to ensure that, with minimal effort, we will continue to flourish and succeed as a team. For the past several months we have been utilizing these simple yet effective tools daily. I see no sign that the old conflict-riddled way of communicating is creeping back among team members. Without your intervention, I am certain that our team would have continued to further disintegrate into chaos, and ultimately, ruin.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any team, regardless if they view themselves as healthy, in crisis, or somewhere in between. Keep up the great work!”

Tom Stevenson

Chief of Police, Aspen

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People who want results partner with people who get results!

"Your organization provided a great service for the executive team, various departments, managers and facilitators at Apple Computer. Our goal was to engage our managers in a process that would position them to be able to think and act differently in terms of the impact of ‘teamness’ on goal attainment. A mission actualized!"

Bobby King

HR Director, Apple Computer

"Your concern for meeting our conference intent and the attendee’s needs was beyond any consultants I have ever experienced in my 15 years of training management.Thank you for your excellence and skilled way"

Craig Bakken

Director of Procurement, Honeywell

"Your professional business approach built immediate credibility and trust with our leadership team, making it much easier to step up to the important 'soft side of leadership development'."

Marie Gambon

VP Human Resources, Celestial Seasonings

"We were impressed with your extensive knowledge of the subject matter, your competence in designing different experiential training modules and your ability to successfully facilitate what you had designed. So many trainers have expertise in only one of those areas; you have mastered all three."

Risa Johnston

HR Director, Bank One

"As you can see in the comments from our program evaluations, you exceeded everyone's expectations.  You provided us with concepts and ideas to really assist in the on-going operations of all our Resort locations.  Thank you again so very much - your programs are a true winner!  All of us at Shell Hospitality think YOU'RE THE BEST!"

Susan Kelly

VP Marketing, Shell Hospitalities

"Our long-term relationship with your organization has been invaluable. We have continued to receive value from your various trainings, as people still refer to the activities and leverage what they learned FIVE years ago! The impact is powerful and long lasting."

Nina Peterson

HR Director, Ohmeda Medical Systems